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Mattress Production



Increases to $14.35/hr after being hired on with amazing benefits


Monday- Friday some Saturdays Required. 1st shift position hours will be 5:00am-5:30pm and the 2nd shift position hours will be 4:00pm-4:30am.


Assemble mattresses as outlined in established work instructions using a variety of pneumatic tools (e.g. c ring “hog ring” guns, staple guns, hot glue guns, etc.) This process includes the assembly of Hot Melt Bond (HMB) units on the HMB machine and application of various, specified upholstered layers to HMB and open coil units. Also includes assembly of foam encased pocketed coil units and application of various, specified upholstery layers, and final mattress assembly.

Tasks are performed as outlined in established Job Safety Analyses, National Quality Standards, and established hourly productivity goals using a variety of tools and techniques.

Required to organize and/or stock raw materials in the work area and to follow departmental housekeeping requirements and leave the work environment and equipment clean at the end of the production day.

Other duties as designated by supervisors or management


Ability to pass background check and drug screen as required.

Need to be able to learn quickly and keep up at a faster pace.

This position requires operators to stand and walk for a minimum of eight hours per day and in overtime situations when required. Position requires operators to be able to lift heavy raw materials up to 120 pounds multiple times per hour during an eight hour shift and in overtime situations. Position requires production within the range specified for the position to maintain integrity of make-to-order system.

(Tour required before placement)