>> Comprehensive call center operational experience, including proprietary and industry standard tools for workforce management, operations management, and performance management.

>> Industry knowledge and comprehensive BPO, HRO, and Technical Help Desk industry expertise.

>> Strong execution discipline, as well as flexibility and business agility required to meet and exceed customer requirements.

>> Unparalleled training programs and access to exceptional pool of talent with strong vertical industry knowledge, business process domain expertise, and multi-language capabilities.

>> Different circumstances require different solutions. With Call Center Solutions, you can choose the placement strategy that best fits your situation.

Position Spectrum

Areas of call center staffing expertise include:
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Call Center Support Specialists
  • Coordinators
  • Order Entry Representatives
  • Collection Representatives
  • Inbound Sales Representatives
  • Trainers and Training Managers
  • Outbound Sales Representatives
  • And many more

Call Center Solutions gives our clients the EDGE

>> Improve quality of customer service
>> Increase productivity quickly.
>>  Call center is now a contact center.
>> We develop a business partnership that promotes an environment that is conducive to and encourages immediate feedback from clients to employees.
24/7/365 Customer Service

Call Center Solutions provides on-call customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our specialists are considered to be on-call for you at all times, no automated voicemail, but a personal phone number of your representative ensures that your priorities, are our priorities. Our employees have as much vested interest in your search, as you do in your search.


Use a temporary employee from DES and we pay all payroll taxes, liability insurance, unemployment, and worker’s compensation. You have an employee when the need arises.


Utilize our temp-to-hire option and the employee begins working at your company while being paid on our payroll for a specified probation period. You pay only an hourly billing rate for the actual hours worked, there is no further charge to hire the candidate at the end of the probationary period.

Direct Hire
With the DES Direct Hire option, you pay a fee to hire our candidate directly onto your payroll. The fee is a percentage based on the person’s salary. DES offers you a guarantee for all permanent placements.