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Yes, we do.

  • If you have an application on file with us: We would like for you to call us and set up an appointment to come in and update your personal information.
  • We will then discuss the opportunities we have available.
  • If you do not have an application on file: The first thing for you to do is fill out our application either online or make an appointment to come into our office and fill it out.
  • Then you will need to come into our office to complete the tax documents so we can match up your skills with the opportunities we have available.
  • We will ask you: What are your skills, what kind of working experience do you have, and how far are you willing to drive? We are a full staffing agency with a variety of positions in a variety of fields.
  • Jobs vary from day to day depending on availability and needs.

Visit www.desemploymentgroup.com and select the drop down Career Seekers and select apply online. Select the office location and follow the steps.

A photo ID or driver’s license and social security card are the most commonly used forms of ID. You can also bring in a birth certificate instead of the social security card. We cannot accept copies unless they are official copies from the agency that the document came from. You can also just bring in a passport.

We have opportunities ranging from Clerical to Packaging and Production. If you would like to come in and meet with us we can review your skills and match them up to the opportunities available.

Go to www.desemploymentgroup.com select the drop-down Career Seekers and select Search Openings. Search by zip code and you will see our openings.

Most of our positions are actually temp to hire. However, DES has a variety of options depending on what you’re wanting. We have short-term temporary, long-term temporary, temp to hire, and direct hire.

We pay on a cash card, direct deposit or pay check. We offer health insurance. DES offers referral bonuses and employee appreciation days. We offer 24 hour help to employees and applicants through various social media contacts and on our website. All our offices have, or has access to, a bilingual placement specialist who speaks Spanish. We offer honest answers!

Most of our jobs require a Drug Test. Some aren’t required until hired on directly. Yes, some of our clients are flexible with backgrounds. We review each situation on a case by case basis. We do not discriminate based on felony history but we do have some companies that require a clear background.

This depends on the clients who require testing. Some do not. We do not drug test for all positions or clients.

Yes. In every office and on every applicant.

We do ask that if you are actively seeking employment that you call us once a week. That will keep you active on our available list, so when we have a position come available that is a good match for you we know to contact you.

We first process your application and after that, we will schedule an interview. Once you interview, our recruiter will discuss with you what openings we have and what is suitable for you. It then depends on what openings we have at the time and if you are qualified. Sometimes our clients like to interview our candidates and that can take a little while to get you placed. We try to find something that will be a good match for our employees as well as our clients.

The pay is based on experience and skill along with what our client sets the pay to be. After you are hired on it may increase depending on the client. It usually depends on the position you are applying for. The pay varies; the more skills and experience you have the better the pay may be.

No, we do not pay daily. We pay weekly and you get paid every Friday.

DES pays weekly and is always a week behind. For instance, if you work the week of November 5 – November 11 (Sunday – Saturday) the company you’re working for turns in your time to us on Monday the 13th. Then you get paid on Friday November 17th. We don’t hold a week, you always get paid for the week prior, even on your last check if you stop working. Our payday is every Friday after 10:00am. When you get hired on by the client it may vary.

You have a choice to get a paycheck, you can sign up for a Pay Card and have it deposited onto the card or we also offer direct deposit through some of our clients. If you are unable to pick up your check between 10 am – 5 pm on Friday, I would recommend our pay card or direct deposit. You will need to bring in your photo ID if you are picking up your check.

We always try to make sure that you know everything you will be doing at the assignment we think you’ll be a good fit for. If you do not like your assignment you are given you need to let us know immediately. If you walk off of a job or do not complete an assignment, we will not place you in the future. We ask that you communicate with us and let us know what is going on. If you let us know we will work with you to transition you out of the current assignment into a new one but we will need to replace you before you can be taken away from a client. We won’t move you from one job to another unless all you want is a variety of short term assignments. If for whatever reason your assignment ends, you are still a DES employee and can be reassigned.

Normally 520 hours however it could be different depending on what was determined by the client. Based on attendance and performance the company may choose to hire you after working at least 520 hours or 13 weeks. On rare occasions there may be an option for a buyout. It is all based on your work performance and attendance.

This depends on the client, we have positions that are entry-level and will train. Others will require on-the-job experience before you start the position.

It depends on the assignment and how far you are willing to drive. We work with companies throughout the cities we’re located in and surrounding areas. We give you the location, map and check the distance from your home before you ever go on an assignment.

Depending on the assignment, it could be as little as 4 hours or as much as 40+ hours per week. DES has shifts available during the day, evening or night. The client sets the hours, not DES.

DES is a FREE service to all who are looking for work.

You may not have all of the qualifications that our client is looking for but they like you and would like to see if you would be a good fit for their company.

We do not provide transportation. Most of our office locations have jobs on, or close to, the bus line that we can put you at so you have a for sure ride to work. It just depends on what you are looking for. For the most part, we ask you to have some form of reliable transportation for the jobs that we offer and aren’t available on the public transportation.

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