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Staffing across domains

We provide talent for various domains, across levels and skill-sets. Whatever your need, we can provide.

Flexible engagement models

Temporary, or payroll, we can fulfill your long-term or short-term staffing needs within the time frame you desire.


Come be a part of this massive growth and start your own DES Employment Group Franchise.


Information Technology

When you require skilled IT professionals, we shortlist and find the ones that fit your requirements the best. Whether you are an information technology company or a call center, we can get the right employees for you.

Industrial Staffing

We provide complete temporary and permanent staffing solutions – both skilled and semi-skilled – for light industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Administrative Staffing

We fulfill permanent administrative executives and office positions, or even temporary placement and short-term contractual requirements.

Employee Services

For career seekers, our services include job search, placement, and career guidance. For employers, we perform headhunting and ancillary services like payroll management.


  • William Parris
    William Parris
    Awesome people went to 4 other Temp Services and D.E.S. Found me a Job that I was looking for. Great Awesome People.
  • Carlos Andrade
    Carlos Andrade
    Dear Mrs. Dilly I would like to say few things about my experience with DES. I had a good experience applying to DES employment, I was interviewed and placed right away. Your staff was friendly and helpful. I came in looking for job and got one. I would recommend anyone looking for a job to apply at DES employment.
  • Rex Goodell
    Rex Goodell
    DES gave me a chance at a new career and gave me a great job opportunity.  I gave it my all and achieved the goals I had set forward.  I do appreciate it all, and my advice to others is just give it your all and the opportunity will be there for you also in a new career.
  • Brandy Baker
    Brandy Baker
    I could only wish that I had found DES Staffing sooner. I was unemployed for three months and interviewing with three other staffing services and never did I get a job, or even an interview. it felt like they were doing nothing to help me. I found DES be accident while getting my oil changed, I walked over and applied, they called the next day for an interview. The following day I was working. Today I am working a temp to hire position which I will be hired permanently for. I feel like nobody could have found my perfect job, and somehow DES did just that. I as so grateful for all they did. Thanks you.
  • Alisa Kinard
    Alisa Kinard
    Awesome employment agency!! The staff is super nice! They got me a job very quickly. They follow up with calls. I highly recommend this agency.
  • Dave R.
    Dave R.
    DES Employment Group has been an important partner of ours for over 15 years now. We have a consistently changing workload during the year and great demands during the holiday season. Our staff needs are constantly changing and DES has been able to meet our expectations every time it is needed. We take great pride in telling people that the majority of our full time employees started working with us through DES Employment Group.

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Why Choose DES?

DES is a reputed, experienced group that provides qualified, professional personnel to industries across domains. Our services span the entire lifecycle of recruitment and staffing, ensuring that our clients get the best resources. Our regular feedback mechanism is designed to know how our recruits are performing, helping us to excel and exceed our clients’ expectations with every engagement.

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Benefits for Employers

The employees you hire have a direct impact on your organization’s productivity, image, and profitability. Getting the right person is a difficult job, and internal recruitment teams have limitations of time and resources to get the best candidates. With our expertise, we can shortlist the best candidates for you to interview, giving you more time to screen them rather than search for them.

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Benefits for Career-seekers

There are great jobs out there that are perfect for you, but you never get wind of it. That’s where we can help – we align your skills with the huge database of requirements we have, help you choose a career path, and support you every step of the way. We are committed to all our customers – employers and career seekers alike – to ensure the success of every placement.

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