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How to Stay Connected in Your Community

As business owners and staff, you know how important it is to stay connected with other local businesses and your community. There are many ways to network throughout your city or town.

Join the local Chamber of Commerce 

The local Chamber of Commerce is always hosting events that get local professionals out and mingling. There are usually events spread out throughout the days and month so you can find a time that works for you. You never know who you’ll meet and you may even be able to form mutually beneficial relationships. If you are already a member, try to make it to at least one event a month to keep up your networking.

Host an Open House

There’s no better way for people to get to know your business than to host an Open House. Extend an invitation to businesses in your area to meet business owners and their staff and grow your brand name. Your new colleagues will thank you for having a networking event where they can meet new people and share what their businesses are all about.


Get together a group of your staff and find a place you would all enjoy. This could be a local food bank, shelter, senior center, or even cleaning up a park. Have your group wear shirts with your brand on them. You can even make them standout with a fun saying that ties into your business.

You could also ask another business to partner with your group. This can help get your brand in front of more people while also showing others that you know that it is vital to be involved in the local community.

Use Online Tools

Social media is free and right at your fingertips. There are many different groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that you can join right now that might interest you. These groups are for like-minded people to share interests and to discuss current business challenges. You can join marketing, management, leadership groups and countless others. Group members will often share articles and expertise, so these groups can also be a great place to continue your education on a particular topic or learn new ways to connect with potential customers.