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5 Ways to Beat The Flu

The dreaded flu season is upon us, but all is not lost. There are ways you can help reduce the risk of you, or your coworkers, getting sick.


1. Wash your hands

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people forget to wash their hands regularly.


2. Keep high traffic areas clean

Disinfect door knobs, handles, your office phone, mouse, and keyboard. These can be a prime spot for bacteria and germ growth.


3. Don’t forget about cell phones

We don’t often think about it, but our cell phones are covered in bacteria. We may wash our hands, but we don’t wash our phone. Use an antibacterial wipe to clean the screen and back of your phone. Be careful not to get moisture in the charging port. Don’t let others use your phone, and don’t touch theirs, to avoid germ transfer.


4. Take care of yourself

Be sure to eat right, get plenty of rest, and drink hydrating fluids. Taking care of your health can help ward off sickness.


5. Don’t come to work if you’re sick

Staying home can decrease the time it takes you to get better as you’ll be able to get some rest. Also, if you come to work, you run the risk of possibly making others sick as well.