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Virtual Interview Success during COVID-19

In the new world that COVID-19 has presented us, virtual interviews are becoming the new way to present yourself. While talking on a camera from the comfort of your home may sound easy, there is a lot of thought that needs to go into it. Here are 6 tips to ace your next virtual interview.

1. Check your technology

Be sure to check any links or invitations before your interview. This can include testing the link and becoming familiar with the platform they are using. If you are using your phone, be sure to put it on do not distribute mode for the interview and that the battery is fully charged.

2. Dress the part

A video interview is a perfect excuse to dress up! Present yourself in the same fashion you would in person. This includes wearing attire appropriate to the industry and following personal hygiene. Spend the extra time getting ready as this will help you feel more confident!

3. Eliminate distractions

Everyone’s home situation is a little different, but a video interview is a perfect time to escape the chaos and focus on the task at hand. Eliminate any distractions by putting away your cell phone, being in a quiet room, and closing all tabs or windows on your computer.

4. Check behind you

A new element of virtual interviews is remembering that everyone on the call can see you and everything around you. Before the interview, find a place in a room where a plain background can be achieved. If this is not possible, look into downloading professional backgrounds like a white screen to use during the interview.

5. Your body talks too

Just like in an in-person interview, your body language can send messages about you. Make sure you set the camera at a comfortable level. An ideal camera level is chest and up in the frame. During the interview, place your feet flat on the floor and sit tall. Avoid sitting on a chair that will make you feel too comfortable like a bean bag or recliner.

6. Look into the camera when speaking

While it can be a challenge to stare at yourself, eye contact is a critical skill employers are wanting. Not only does this show you are respecting everyone’s time, but it signals confidence in what you are saying. Remember, confidence is key!