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Inexpensive Activities for Stress Awareness Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month, so we’ve come up with some great ways to de-stress. As we all know, our home and work lives can get stressful. It’s important to find ways to combat this so our staff and ourselves can be more productive, happy employees. And, these activities don’t have to break the bank!

Wear jeans 

You may have casual Friday at your office, but implementing jeans for the entire month, or part of the month, can increase employee morale.

Theme Day Fridays

Have the office vote on fun themes for each Friday of this month. Employees can then wear costumes of outfits that coincide with each theme. Theme ideas are Spirit Day, Hawaiian Shirt Day, Favorite Color Day, Twin/Triplet Day, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Office Photo Booth

Construct a DIY photo booth for the office. Props can be purchased at the local dollar store. Use the props to take fun and creative photos or selfies. This is sure to get the staff smiling and having a good time.

Volunteer Activities

Participate in a volunteer activity as a team or give employees volunteer hours that they can use at their favorite charity. Volunteering helps keep us grounded and feel like we’re making a positive impact in the community.

Take a walk

Coordinate a group walk during lunch or allow employees to take walking breaks.

Joke of the day

We have all heard that laughter can help relieve stress. Have the staff send out their favorite work appropriate joke to one person who can then send a different one out each day to the entire team. This will set a cheerful mood in the office and get the day started off on a light note.

Spa day

Find a local massage school or chiropractic office to give chair massages to employees.

Talent Show

There are definitely some gems on your team that have a talent that no one knows about. Maybe there’s a face painter or a comedian that would love to show the team their skills. If anything, it will get everyone laughing and learning about their coworkers.


Combine some or all of these to make sure your Stress Awareness Month plan is a success!