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DES Staffing Services

We at DES thrive to earn a reputation for responding to client and employee needs, taking the initiative to resolve client problems and teaming with our clients to provide strategic staffing management. Through partnering, we can help you increase profitability, enhance productivity and reduce overhead. At DES we evaluate talent, potential, and fit of candidates through our extensive interview process. The process involves skills and capabilities testing across dozens of parameters.

We are able to provide unequaled service with quality personnel and individual attention to each and every one of our clients. DES will provide employment services to the community, without a fee or discrimination to any protected status under federal law while offering quality placements in jobs that will assist in providing a promising and rewarding future. Our clients will receive only the top qualified candidates to fit their specific personnel needs. At DES our success will be built on our uncompromising effort to provide only the best possible service.

DES Staffing Services
  • We guarantee our employees and never send out an individual who is not qualfied for the job.
  • We verify our applicant’s employment references.
  • We follow up with our employees and our clients on a regular basis to ensure their ultimate satisfaction.
  • We have temporary and permanent employees; full and part time.
  • We require all employees to attend an orientation process consisting of people skills, health and safety.
  • We develop a business partnership that promotes an environment that is conducive to and encourages immediate feedback from clients to employees.
  • We offer a benefit package to our employees from day one.
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    Use a temporary employee from DES and we pay all payroll taxes, liability insurance, unemployment and worker’s compensation. You have an employee when the need arises.
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    Utilize our temp-to-hire option and the employee begins working at your company while being paid on our payroll for a specied probation period. You pay only an hourly billing rate for the actual hours worked, there is no further charge to hire the candidate at the end of the probationary period.
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    Direct Hire:

    With the DES Direct Hire option, you pay a fee to hire our candidate directly on to your payroll. The fee is a percentage based on the person’s salary. DES offers you a guarantee for all permanent placements.
DES Staffing Services

Spectrum of Positions

Industrial Support

Assembly Machine Operator
Bindery Panel Wiring
Collating Meat Packing
Packaging Delivery Driver
Printing Construction
Production Mail Sorter
General Labor Shipping & Receiving
And many more

Skilled Trades

CNC Operator Drill Press
CNC Programer Painter
Forklift Welder
Maintenance CDL A & B
And many more