Terms & Condition



DES has been in the staffing business for more than a decade. Over these years, our industry has experienced major growth. The temporary staffing industry is the 5th fastest growing industry in the U.S. and revenues have more than tripled in the past ten years. As impressive as this may seem, year after year, DES’s growth has consistently outpaced the industry’s rate. Come be a part of this massive growth and start your own DES Employment Group Franchise.

Ask any employee at DES, and they will tell you the same thing: “Customer Service is Priority #1”. Since 1999 DES has catered to every aspect of its business to serving people with utmost courtesy and respect — not only for our Client Companies but our Field Employees as well.

Before you open your business we will
  • Insist on a visit to our Corporate Offices in Des Moines, Iowa. You get to know our business and the people associated with running a successful staffing franchise.
  • Ensure both parties are 100% confident that the business will be a success.
  • Help you to determine the most ideal Franchise territory and help you find an office location.
  • Suggest any necessary leasehold improvements to the location.
  • Provide you an initial training program at either our Corporate Offices or one of our Regional Branch offices — whichever allows for the best training.
  • Be with you every step of the way in the Grand Opening of your DES Employment Group Franchise.


hen you’re established as a DES franchise, much of the struggle associated with owning your own business will be removed. You will learn to expect outstanding guidance, service, and support from the Corporate office and you’ll be given everything you need for a successful operation, right from the start.

When you join the DES team you are joining a business that has a proven track record. Over the years, DES has developed an operating system that provides franchise owners with the tools and resources they’ll need to succeed.

One of the most rewarding aspects of owning a DES franchise is the way you’ll feel about the service you are providing to others. You are helping businesses in your community find qualified employees while helping people who need jobs find rewarding and satisfying careers.

our clients are business owners, managers, and professionals who depend on you for employees, as well as your advice.

Throughout the life of your business, we will offer to provide you with back-office support; this includes everything from providing the resources for funding your temporary employee payroll and handling administrative support — such as employment taxes and insurance filings.

The climate is right for success in the staffing industry — there has never been a better time to become part of the DES team. We invite you to make the move towards building a better future for yourself and your family by becoming a part of our team. You will be benefiting from our previous efforts to ensure your success during the transition to self-employment.


  • Low initial start-up investment
  • Proven business model
  • Rights to all service lines under one franchise agreement
  • Flexibility for your ideal location
  • 100% ownership in a protected territory
  • Integrated front and back office system (employee,/client database)
  • The one-month initial training program at our Corporate Offices
  • On-going training and support through our Area Directors and Regional Directors
  • Human Resource expertise
  • Assistance in preparing profitable business proposals and quotes
  • 100% financing and processing of payroll for all temporary staffing associates
  • Invoicing of customers; handling of all related payroll; reporting; filing of W2’s
  • Credit and collections monitoring and assistance
  • Group medical/dental and life insurance for owner and internal staff
  • Full benefits and incentives (vacation, sick, and holiday paid time off) for staff members
  • Strong risk management support including workers’ compensation and unemployment management