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Awesome people went to 4 other Temp Services and D.E.S. Found me a Job that I was looking for.

Great Awesome People.

William Parris

Dear Mrs. Dilly I would like to say few things about my experience with DES. I had a good experience applying to DES employment, I was interviewed and placed right away. Your staff was friendly and helpful. I came in looking for job and got one. I would recommend anyone looking for a job to apply at DES employment.

Carlos Andrade

DES gave me a chance at a new career and gave me a great job opportunity.  I gave it my all and achieved the goals I had set forward.  I do appreciate it all, and my advice to others is just give it your all and the opportunity will be there for you also in a new career.

Rex Goodell

I could only wish that I had found DES Staffing sooner. I was unemployed for three months and interviewing with three other staffing services and never did I get a job, or even an interview. it felt like they were doing nothing to help me. I found DES be accident while getting my oil changed, I walked over and applied, they called the next day for an interview. The following day I was working. Today I am working a temp to hire position which I will be hired permanently for. I feel like nobody could have found my perfect job, and somehow DES did just that. I as so grateful for all they did.

Thanks you.

Brandy Baker

Awesome employment agency!! The staff is super nice! They got me a job very quickly. They follow up with calls. I highly recommend this agency.

Alisa Kinard

DES Employment Group has been an important partner of ours for over 15 years now. We have a consistently changing workload during the year and great demands during the holiday season. Our staff needs are constantly changing and DES has been able to meet our expectations every time it is needed. We take great pride in telling people that the majority of our full time employees started working with us through DES Employment Group.

Dave R.

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I am writing this letter to recommend to you the excellent services of Julie Redmond/DES Employment Group. Julie has been working with our Cedar Rapids facility during our recent USDA Farm to Family Box Contract. Our USDA contract was awarded and three days later our new production line was up and running, we needed to fill numerous positions in very short amount of time. DES Employment Group worked diligently to fill our growing needs. I am proud to say with their employees, we fulfilled our contract building over 12,000 cases on a daily basis.

Julie and Tone were always available to assist in any way I needed them to, relaying schedule changes, updating me on new available employees, or just handling HR issues for us so we could focus on production.

I am confident about my recommendation of DES Employment Group and the excellent service they will provide, I am sure DES would add value to your business.

Stacy F.

Warehouse/Production Manager

Stacy F.Warehouse/Production ManagerCedar Rapids, IA

The Bettendorf DES Team led by Cassie Dilly has been a tremendous asset to my staffing needs since 2014. Hodge has hired 28 DES employees, 14 of which are still employed with our company, and currently 10 of our 33 staffing agency employees are with DES. They are consistently providing me with candidates to interview, are quick to respond to my needs, and understand the challenging dynamics of the staffing world to meet company needs. Thank you so much for you hard work and I look forward to doing business with DES over the next several years.

Scot C.

I am always very complimentary of the effort that Gayle, and now John as well, put into these candidates and the business that we are working to improve here. Identifying something so specific in a candidate does not come without experience, effort and a specific understanding of our needs. These things are not easily achieved and are sometimes moving targets. In addition, Gayle personally accompanies each new start to their first day at 7 a.m. Beyond the first day, the staff that we have here through DES is visited every week by Gayle, and John when Gayle is not available. This is so meaningful to these folks.

I am pleased with the level of attention and service that Gayle and John provide. I view them as partners in our quest to find good talent. Which, as you well know, is no easy task.

I want to publicly acknowledge their efforts, their commitment and the partnership that these two have fostered here. I place a high value on these types of relationships and I would not hesitate to send other businesses in their direction.

Justin J.

The Bedding Group, a leading Midwest manufacturer of mattresses and box springs,has been in business for over 50 years. With plants in Minneapolis, MN.and Rock Island, IL, we service an eight state area and supply quality bedding to both small, family owned furniture stores as well as large, major retail chains.

In order to deliver the service and quality products our customers have come to expect, a strong work force is necessary. Since the beginning of our relationship in 1999, DES Employment Group has been instrumental in helping The Bedding Group achieve that goal. The Account Managers have asked for plant tours so they can fully understand the requirements of each position that needs to be filled.They remain involved with all employees placed through their service until they become company employees. For these reasons, DES Employment Group is always our first choice for staffing needs.


David Horst

We have used DES for almost 10 years, and they staff for both of our locations. Using DES has substantially reduced our turnover for our service techs and warehouse workers. We have never had to use another staffing agency, and we always get very good employees from their recommendations.

Noe Ortiz

DES has provided Environmental Management Services, Inc., Davenport, IA,  general staffing for the past five (5) years.  Gabe Simula and his staff have provided dedicated and courteous service to fill our needs for temporary staffing.  They will go beyond our expectations to find the employees to full fill our demands and requirements to do the work safely and in a timely matter.  Environmental Management Services, Inc. counts ourselves fortunate to have discovered DES Employment Group



Brad Reed

I went to DES in time of need, and Sarah came through on her promise and found me an awesome job! I’m still there and I love it! Thanks Stephanie and Sarah!!

Andre Burgess

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with DES Employment Group and utilized their wide array of services for nearly 10 years. We’ve worked with DES in at least 10 of our locations throughout the Midwest. DES and their ability to provide quality and accountable individuals for our operation is impressive. We count on DES to help us get work done in a timely manner with our customers and it’s comforting to know that staffing help like this is a phone call away when deadlines are fast approaching. From my experience what places them ahead of the rest is their ability to structure their business to meet your customer demand in a timely manner which in return services our customers – from general labor, office, forklift or driver needs they have been able to exceed all expectations!
Thanks for all you do to make our relationship a true partnership!

Russ S

I normally don’t do this, but I must in this situation. I have dealt with Temp companies for the last 10 years and I can honestly say that dealing with the Overland Park DES office has been nothing less than outstanding. The sales team started the relationship by listening to my needs and following up. Never once did I feel like I was being pressured or sold. Once she made me comfortable I started dealing with the Recruiters. When my other 3 temp companies couldn’t find drivers, they came through. Both of your employee’s have been in constant communication with me regarding current employees and candidates. Because of these two individual’s efforts DES has become my 1st choice in temp labor. Let me know what other states / regions you operate in as we have 37 other locations that I’m sure we could get something put together for ; national deal or something along those lines.

John Doe

We have only been using DES for just a short time but realized they are an important tool for our business and operations. Understanding today’s work force issues we feel DES is very aggressive when taking care of our staffing needs. Their Team has been a wonderful to work with and the communication we have between us has been excellent. We look forward to continue this relationship with DES.

John Doe