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How Employment Agencies Land You The Job

We know that trying to find a job, while searching through all of the online job boards, can seem like an endless task. A lot of times you are met with positions that you don’t want and aren’t a good fit for. Employment agencies can be a great tool to use to help you find the career that’s right for you.

Your Success is Our Success

Clients hire us to find them quality employees for their open positions. So, it is literally our job to find you a job. We take the work out of searching through hundreds of jobs and instead do it for you. We can narrow the pool down and allow you to pick from just a few jobs that are tailored more towards you. We want to find you a position that you will enjoy and that will allow you to succeed. If both the client and employee are happy, then we have fully done our job. We check in periodically to make sure that you and the client are still a good fit.

Find a Job Faster

It can take months and months to find an opportunity that you feel is a good fit for you. It can take even longer to get someone from a company to call you and set up an interview. Employment agencies can drastically lessen that time. We are constantly receiving new positions from clients that need to be filled. Our staff has you come in or fill out an application online and then come in for an interview that very day or the next day. We can then place you as soon as we can match you with a job that’s tailored to your talent and skills.

Temporary, Temp-To-Hire, and Direct Hire

Employment agencies offer a variety of ways to get hired.

DES Employment Group will periodically have open positions that are strictly temporary. This happens when the client needs one or more employees for a short period of time. This may be during a busy season or for a specific project that requires more attention and help.

If a position is offered as temp-to-hire, then that means the client can hire you on, if they think you’re a good fit, after a trial period. A majority of the positions we place for are temp-to-hire.

Clients will also hire us to search for candidates for direct hire positions. We search until we find qualified candidates and then send them to the client for an interview. If you are what the client wants, then they hire you on without a trial period.

Ask an employment agency to help you find your next job.