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3 Ways To Motivate Employees

It can be difficult to keep staff motivated and to keep employee morale high at all times. Here are a few ideas to help with that.


Coming up with a fun contest for employees will get them working harder and staying on task. Ideas for a contest could be whoever comes up with the most unique idea for the new ad campaign gets a gift card to a favorite local spot. Or, an employee with a continuous positive attitude or best attendance record receives an extra day of PTO. Employees will come back to the office refreshed and ready to begin a new task in full force. This will show other staff members what exactly you’re looking for in an employee and they will want to emulate these traits in hopes of also being acknowledged.


Employees want to know that their hard work is appreciated. If they go above and beyond, and have completed more tasks than other employees, bonuses are a great way to recognize their dedication and to keep them striving to do even better in the future. Also, if a staff member not only meets a certain goal that you gave them, but achieves more, then it’s important to recognize this effort. Everyone wants to make sure that her or his dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.


Most employees like to know that they’re working for a company that is involved in making a positive impact in the community. A good motivator for employees is when their employer gives them a paid day off to volunteer for a cause of their choice. Or, you can plan a group outing to do charity work for a day which would also contribute to team building. This lets the staff know you’re not just thinking of the bottom line. Staff will feel good about how they’ve helped others and they will have a more cheerful attitude which they will bring back into the workplace.