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7 Body Language Gestures to Avoid During An Interview


1. Picking your nose

Okay so maybe not picking your nose, but many people subconsciously wipe their noses, bite their lips, and fidget in other ways when talking or while listening to someone talk. Just remember to make an effort to keep your hands off your face.

????????????????????????????????????  2. Twirling your hair

This pertains to guys with long hair as well as ladies. Twirling your hair makes you seem unsure of yourself and may make you look like you’re not as smart as you are. We all know that’s not true, but perception can unfortunately be reality.



3. Yawning

I know, I know. Just thinking about not yawning makes you want to yawn! If you happen to yawn, the interviewer will think you’re not interested in the position or that you’re not taking the interview seriously. To help avoid yawning, breathe through your nose. It can keep you from making this embarrassing mistake.





4. Avoiding eye contact

Looking down or looking around can make you seem like you have something to hide. Hold eye contact while you’re being asked questions and when answering them. When the interviewer looks down at your resume, you can take a break.



5. Weak handshake

Giving a firm handshake exudes confidence and is a great start to your interview. Only grabbing fingertips or not using enough pressure, constitutes a weak handshake. On the other hand (pun intended) don’t overdue. Unless you have an interview with WWE, and then by all means do what you’ve got to do.





6. Slouching

Poor posture can make you seem disinterested or lazy. Sitting up straight will show that you want to be at the interview and are really striving to land the job.




snarling-83817_12807. Frowning

Even when asked a difficult question, resist the urge to frown. Interviewers perceive frowning as a sign of nerves or not knowing the answer to a question. Just remember to smile. Smiling can help you seem calm and collected. You’ll look and feel like you’re ready for the interview and you will be!